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The Lovejoy Foundation, Inc.

As of October 30th, 2020 Procedures and Protocols for Covid 19 2020

We will be holding an appointment only event from 11am-1pm on Saturday and an open event from 1pm-5pm, you must bring your completed application in hand as we do not have time to print them during the busy event. Check our facebook page for updates for Sunday beyond our shot clinic from noon to 2pm. Each Sunday the protocol will change depending on the amount of adoptions happening on Saturday. So it is not set that we hold an adoption event each Sunday please check our facebook page to see what the plan for Sunday is each week. Our new dogs and puppies are posted each week by Friday mornings. We are understaffed presently so they are not always updated each week anywhere but on our facebook page until we have more hands to help with the postings right now. So if you do not see any new dogs or puppies please once again visit our facebook pageWe look forward to seeing you at our Saturday adoption day. Thank you for your interest in wanting to adopt from The Lovejoy Foundation, Inc.