"Touching lives, one animal at a time"

The Lovejoy Foundation, Inc.


Donations are so needed for us to continue this work. We are a street dog rescue and rely one hundred percent on our adoption numbers to keep the organization alive. We desperatley need financial support like never before, as adoption numbers are signifacanlty down (August 2022). We save dogs, puppies, cats, kittens off the streeets that are abandoned, neglected and abused. We rescue to stop the inflex of animals taken to kill shelters and euthanized. Every little bit counts, please consider a monthly monitary donation.  If five-hundred people gave a five dollar monthly donation, that would be 2500 dollars coming into the Lovejoy Foundation every month, for example. 
Please consider adding us to your Amazon account as the charity of your choice, The Lovejoy Foundation, Inc. While you shop, you would be supporting us through the items you purchase. 
If you are a Ralph's shopper you can also support us by registering your Ralph's card to The Lovejoy Foundation, Inc. as your charity of choice. Please visit Ralph's.com.
*PLEASE NOTE: you must put "The" infornt of Lovejoy Foundation in order to find us.*