"Touching lives, one animal at a time"

The Lovejoy Foundation, Inc.



Fostering is completely rewarding and it is a fantastic way to give back. Fosters not only help us save more lives, they play a  huge part in transitioning our rescue dogs from the streets into their new chapter.  We would not be able to help as many each year without the support of the extremely valuable Lovejoy Foundation fosters. Fosters play many roles when working with our organization and through our interview process, together, we find the best place for a foster to fit into our program.  Some are long term, short term, big dogs only, little dogs only, older dogs, sick or injured dogs are just some of the different types of foster opportunities  our program offers.


Fostering is a commitment. We ask that a foster be committed to foster until the dog or puppy  finds his forever loving home.  We do not want to transition more often than necessary.  Once a dog goes into a foster home then it is very hard for us to make space to take the foster back. Once a foster is hand picked and accepted into our program then the commitment to follow through the journey with each foster dog. Puppy is imperative.


The Lovejoy Foundation offers all the support you need in caring for one of our dogs. Puppies.  We will teach you everything you need to know and do. We will  provide you with all necessary supplies  needed to care for you foster. In addition, we cover all medical expenses during the duration the foster remains in your care.  We also have a trainer on staff that is available to help you as well.


It is very easy to fall in love when you are fostering, we want that level commitment however it is important to know you are playing a role in transitioning our rescue dog into his or her forever loving home. We know that falling in love is something that happens, we refer these wonderful occurrences as "foster failures", which we view as a good thing. We love our fosters so if you would like more information about becoming a foster in our programs please e-mail us at info@lovejoyfoundation.org.