"Touching lives, one animal at a time"

The Lovejoy Foundation, Inc.


We are happy to offer some fun services. We offer: dog walking, boarding, grooming and basic socialization training, all of which can now be done through The Lovejoy Foundation. Please call 310-641-1537 or e-mail us at records@lovejoyfoundation.org for more information and scheduling. Please click here for Prices



Why do training? Strengthen the bond between you and your dog. We teach you to build a ground floor foundation to build upon on as your puppy grows and goes through developmental phases so you are armed with the necessary knowledge to work through the challenges. . Your dog and you will gain confidence through socialization with other class mates. Training is fun and a great way to bond with your new adopted dog. We teach positive reinforcement training here at The Lovejoy Foundation. We offer various levels of training classes from puppy socialization, basic training, one on one training sessions and group classes. To book your reservation or for more information please call 310-641-1537 or e-mail info@lovejoyfoundation.org.


We are pleased to announce that our boarding quarters are presently being renovated and upgraded. Please be aware that that boarding area is presently "old school" kennel runs of approximately 27 feet by 5 feet. These are indoor/outdoor runs (and will be increased in size once the upgrades are completed). Meanwhile, dogs are walked daily, are socialized and interacted within a familiar clean, environment and respond happily to people they are already familiar with, making them feel welcome and at home. Most of our rescues have already spent time with us here and coming back to visit and/ or stay with us is a positive affirmation for them, and altogether a supportive experience and lots of fun. They come in wagging their tails, leave waging them more! To book your reservation please call 310-641-1537 or e-mail info@lovejoyfoundation.orgPrices here.
Grooming pricing are ultimately based on the condition and the temperament of each dog. Bath-only grooming consists of a bath, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and nail trimming. our fees varrie based on the condition, size, and difficulty. ask for pricing when booking your reservation. Remember we cater to our clients and the dogs they adopted but we welcome any new clients to become a part of the Lovejoy family. We are here to simplify your day and give you excellent service and care for your dog (s). Call us to schedule an appointment 310-641-1537 or e-mail us at records@lovejoyfoundation.orgPrices here.


We are here to help with low cost spay/neuters, vaccinations and micro chips. We are a non profit organization that desires to help with the over population of dogs on the streets and in the shelters and if we can help you with this due to financial hardship on you, then we are here to help. Please call us for more information on how to become a sponsored family. We also offer a discounted rates for those who can't pay and need some help getting the medical done on their pets. Please call 310-641-1537 or e-mail info@lovejoyfoundation.org.