"Touching lives, one animal at a time"

The Lovejoy Foundation, Inc.


1.   Rescuing saves a life, close to 3 million dogs are euthanized in the county shelters each year.
2.  A rescue will transform incredibly with the right love and nurture and attention in the right home.
3.  Rescues end up abandoned, neglected and abused by no fault of their own but the ignorance of the owner.
4.  Rescues do not have an off switch for love and affection.
5.  Rescues will bring new adventures and excitement to your life.
6.  Adding a rescue to your home,  your dog will be grateful you brought home a friend  for him/her.
7.  Rescue are special and unique in their own way.
8.  Rescues come is all shapes, sizes, colors and personalities.
9.  Rescuing gets back at those puppy mills.
10. Rescue is finding your forever, loving, best friend.